Fountain Pen Day Nov 1, 2013

The second annual Fountain Pen Day is set for November 1, 2013. The mission as quoted from the website is “to help embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens in day-to-day life, as well to help revive handwriting as a whole”.

The inaugural FPD in 2012 saw support from 49 companies that cater to the fountain pen enthusiast. That support has already been surpassed for this year.

Aaron Zeller of the Zeller Writing Company is leading this effort. Aaron is a great guy with a passion for customer service, pens, paper and the like. Here is a blog post I did about my first order from him.

I love the idea and will be writing ONLY with fountain pens that day. Wait, I do that everyday but don’t let that stop the celebration!. Support the effort by cruising over to and read all about it.

Thanks Aaron!

Remember: Write something nice……

Thank You Feels Good

My parents instilled in me the value of gratitude. I have practiced that most of my life and will go out of my way to tell someone thank you, even when it may seem awkward or implied. What another person does for me, or gives me, may not always be exactly what I wanted but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was intentional on their part. I try to give the benefit of doubt and a simple thank you is a common courtesy to acknowledge possibly their best effort.

We recently sold a house through a realtor. The transaction went fine barring multiple lender delays but in the end what stood out was the professionalism of our realtor. She did a great job and we told her so. I took it a step further and scribbled out a thank you note to our agent’s broker telling them what a great job our agent did throughout the process.  Yes I used my favorite Crane thank you cards and searched for just the right ink color that matched the engraving on the card.  As with most of my thank you notes I assume they make it to the recipient and I always hope it prompts a smile.

Today that smile was returned to me when I received a nice handwritten note back from the broker telling me she read my card out loud in a recent sales meeting. Our agent and all her peers were present in the room. The broker described to me how surprised and grateful she was. That really made me smile to think I hit a homeroom this time.

Many pen enthusiasts are always looking for an excuse to use our pens and lay down our favorite colors on paper.  I would encourage you to take the time, write something nice, and send it to someone you know. Short in length or long in words is fine.  I can almost guarantee you it will make their day and you will probably get some of that joy in return. Oh and you get to use your cools pens too!

Any cool thank you note stories you care to share?

Remember…..Write something nice

Carrying the Load

I like cases. I think it goes back to my parents instilling in me the value of taking care of my things.  Admittedly I take it a little too far sometimes by putting a treasured object inside its packaging, wrapped in a microfiber cloth, stuffed in its original box which is  then put in the original shipping container it came in then putting it on the shelf for the next time I need said treasured item.  I’m only half joking but my daily pen logistics has migrated to be a bit laborious each morning and afternoon at the office.  I carried by daily rotation of 5-7 pens in a Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Six for the longest time and that worked out great.


A while ago I acquired two pens on the larger scale of BIG and they outgrew the slots in the penvelope.  I moved to a Levenger Carezza Triple Pen Sleeve .  Great protection and a good tight fit with 3 average size pens.


My big Pelikan stuck out of the Carezza too far so now I reserve a stately simple Paradise Pen Single Pen case for it. I like that a little better as the Pelikan resin seems really prone to minute scratches so I think the single case protects it well with a minimum of rubbing.


My Nakaya Long set up is almost ceremonial each morning unwrapping it’s Kimona for the day’s paper and ink adventures but again, it just adds to the setup time each morning. Yes it’s actually called a pen Kimona.


So you see with 5 pens and three cases each morning and afternoon at the office it’s a new task to take all the pens out and lay them on my jewelry’s pad on my desk. I smile at them and then go about my work until it’s time to go home and reverse the process of putting them away. Lunch date?  Add ten minutes to my lunch to secure my pens, another half joke.  So here is my current daily carry arsenal:


I’m shopping for a better system. I want to move to something that reduces my time each morning and evening while still keeping the protection level high. The one I like best right now is the new Franklin-Christoph Covered Pen Tray. It’s more boxy than my faithful Penvelope of the same maker but setup and take down at work each day will be so much easier by just popping open the lid and boom! Everything is presented to me to pick from throughout the day. Who wouldn’t welcome another 12 seconds of free time each day.


I’m also intrigued by the many reviews floating around of Brad Dowdy’s new NOCK line.  Brad is the blogmeister behind . Designs from a pen guy are almost guaranteed to be good so I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Great variety of designs. Not just a single design and different sizes.

The last one that has my immediate attention came from a colleague blogger’s site. Mary at From The Pen Cup recently reviewed a product from Quiver. A line of pen holders that I was not aware of.  See Mary’s great review here. I like the concept so I may get me one of those for the few meetings I do have to attend with journal and pen in hand.

Decisions Decisions.

So how do you carry your pens around?

Remember…Write something nice