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I realized unpacking at work the last few days my daily carry has become quite large. My pen acquisition activities have slowed so maybe my rotational efforts are deficient. The other challenge is I REALLY like each one of these pens and I’m afraid I will miss them. Here is what my briefcase held today:

Inked today 1Inked TodayI enjoy all all these combinations.

Bexley Mandarin Intrepid with Noodlers Ell Blue    

This is my newest pen and a real bargain purchased used from a fellow pen blogger Ray at The only slight annoyance is a hard starting threaded cap when screwing it back on. I like the size, and the color is even growing on me. The nib is smooth with a slight bit of feedback that I tried to lessen with the lubricating ELL ink.

Bexley Poseidon Magnum with Iroshizuku Asa-GAo    

I like big pens and I missed out on the first run of the Poseidon. When the version II was offered I jumped on the first one I could find. When it came in I was a little disappointed in the capped size but fortunately that was deceiving. The nib goes deep in the cap so uncapped the size is wonderful.  The nib is a real oil on glass smooth. Probably my favorite nib / ink to paper experience even over some much more expensive pens.

Pilot 823 with Diamine Amazing Amethyst  

An impulse treat to myself after a bonus at work. I got it from with a Mottishaw rounded stub nib and it writes wonderfully.  This is the most sensitive pen I have for keeping the plunger cap open slightly to keep the ink flowing. It will shut you off. Which I guess is the purpose!

Visconti Homo Sapien DeAtramentis Black Currant  

Another big pen that was on my grail pen list for a while. I finally sprung for it and can’t say I’ve really been overwhelmed with it. The material it’s made from is cool but I have never been able to get it black enough for my tastes and the writing experience is good but other less expensive pen blow it away in that department. The cap attachment is cool though. I guess the reason it stays in rotation for now is it’s not a bad writer by any means but as shallow as this sounds I have too much money wrapped up in it to send it to be a safe queen.

Edison Hudson DeAtramentis Pine Green

My first EF nibbed higher end pen.  Edison continues to impress me. My real go to pen  when I need a fine line. I get some feedback from the nib but for an EF it’s much better than I expected.

Pelikan M1000 with Noodlers Black Swan

I really enjoy the feel of this pen in my hand and looking down at that huge nib. It’s BIG. It’s a smooth writer but not my smoothest.  This one wins a place in my bag everyday because it fits my hand so well and I love the looks of it even in basic black.

Edison 76 with Diamine Matador

My first custom pen made just for me. It’s a beautiful pen to me and before my Poseidon it was my smoothest writer. They are probably tied for smoothest now. When I have a longer writing session coming up I reach for this one or the Poseidon, always a hard choice.

Do you have a favorite amongst your daily carry or are you better disciplined than I to really ROTATE your collection?

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Ink Review DeAtramentis Black Currant

De Atramentis Black Currant

Black Currant BottlePen: Visconti Homo Sapien Fine nib
Paper: Clairfontaine Triomphe Ligne’
35 ml Bottle

I am a fan of highly saturated inks. I am not a fan of writing ink reviews. Mainly because I’m not real smart on the chemical properties of ink so my attempts at ink reviews in the past have been one of two flavors:

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it

The longer version, being all of 4 words, does not make for inviting blog post reading. When I came upon De Atramentis Black Currant it really piqued my interest as I have always liked a dark purple but have settled for a medium dark shade in Diamine Amazing Amethyst. Black Currant is almost black but you can see in my index card sampling system how the deep purple shows through with a wet writer.

Sloppy vs Neat Writing_0015DeAtramentis Black Currant is not a shading ink. I prefer my shading in the form of a large oak tree on a hot Florida day, shading in ink is just not for me. It makes me feel like my pen is running low on ink.

Dry time is very good in the combination paper pen I used. My Homo Sapien is a wet one so your dry times may be even less.

Black Currant Writing SampleDeAtramentis does not package their ink in a box. At first that bothered me as I felt I was missing something but after thinking about it I can’t point to any value the boxes serve in my way of storage. I use a label maker to put the color on top of all my inks so I can read them in the storage box I use. The rounded lid of my DeAtramentis inventory works ok with a just a tad of bubbling of the label but in practice it’s not an issue. I guess if you stacked your ink stock DeAtramentis would not be your most convenient brand. Here is my ink box:

Ink BoxI have had this ink for a couple of weeks now and I continue to really enjoy it. It’s very dark and sometimes it takes a careful eye to pull out the purple in it so I don’t think I’ll be pouring my other purples down the sink any time soon but Black Currant is definitely in my top 5.

How about your favorite ink? Shader? Darker? Lighter? Smeller?

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Kickstarter Pen Round Up

I followed Kickstarter before I was a real fan. My patience level, or my LACK of patience, when ordering something and waiting for it to come in is not a strength I possess. The Kickstarter concept doesn’t exactly cater to my personality disorder when promised deliveries are months and months away and may not even happen if not funded. Plus I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to give someone a bunch of my money without knowing if the product would ever materialize. I generally trust people are going to do what they say they are going to do until proven otherwise but the internet has just made secrecy and hiding behind a keyboard so easy, I can become a skeptic. But in the back of my mind I kept repeating to myself isn’t that ultimately what you do when you order from a new e-commerce website you’ve never visited before?

Enter Karas Kustoms who changed my tune towards Kickstarter. Several of my blogging colleagues were reviewing Karas Kustoms first attempts at making industrial designed pens out of aluminum, brass and copper. The reviews were glowing so I read up on Kickstarter and learned there are several safeguards in place to address my fears. Unfortunately I missed the campaign timing for Karas Kustoms and had to wait until they launched an online store and offered general availability of their product. Plus they make alot of other cool stuff besides pens right in their shop.  In the meantime I threw a dollar here and a dollar there to some of the more interesting Kickstarter projects just to get a feel for the process and lend a small token of encouragement to the entrepreneurial spirit that I admired.

I was finally rewarded with the ability to buy my first Karas Kustoms pen, a copper Retrakt. An awesome product that I really fell in love with even though it’s not of my beloved fountain pen genre. Here are some reviews that describe it in more detail.

Shortly after that I saw where Karas Kustoms was offering their original pen product, the RenderK, in colors so I picked up a cool red one. Love it just as much. Here are the twins:

Karas Customs

With my positive experience I have gone back to Kickstarter and backed two pen projects that have received positive reviews.

BIGiDESIGN – Ti Post Raw Pen + Stylus
Titanium is just cool. The stylus I could take or leave but the industrial design of the pen is just way cool.

Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker Pens
Will Hodges, the man behind Tactile Turn, and I have exchanged some emails and I understand my Blue Mover is coming soon. I like his communication style and his excellence driven attitude. Oh and the pen looks cool too! Can’t wait.

Here are a couple of reviews for Tactile Turn

A couple other Kickstarter projects have piqued my interest so I’m still studying them. Take a look at these:

Searching on the word PENS in the Kickstarter search box returns you 326 entries. Not all of these are pens like you write with but there are a lot of choices out there for us pen enthusiasts. I find myself browsing often to see what’s new. Give it a try, there are some really great stories out there.

What do you think of Kickstarter? Have you jumped in yet and sent a total stranger your hard earned dollars?

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Great Bargains on Bexley

My blog friend Ray over at is thinning his herd. My last Feedly check in was timed just right after he posted the available pens. The prices are outstanding and I quickly snapped up a Mandarin Intrepid Bexley.  This will be my third Bexley and I have really come to love the brand. Every one of them have been perfect out of the box. I have bought several pens that were more expensive but not the joy of my Bexleys from day one.

Not sure what he has left but if you’re a Bexley fan it’s be worth checking it out:

FP Quest Pens for sale

Thanks Ray for the great deal and the fast shipping!

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Introducing Bro Leatherworks

Recently I was searching for a leather notebook cover while cruising around on my new favorite site for hand crafted goods ETSY.  I landed on Bro Leatherworks where Stefano Bramato was kind enough to send me some samples of his work. So if your searching for handmade leather works checkout Stefano at Bro Leatherworks on Etsy.

Stefano also shares his artisical talents on his Sketching Blog, .

IMG_8380Bro Leather2


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