For Sale – One Star Leather Goods – Park Sloper Senior

I don’t plan many FOR SALE type posts but this item fits in the pen community very well. I bought a One Star Leather Work’s Park Sloper Senior to try and combine my to do list book and my wallet into a single item as I seemed to always have one but not the other when I needed it on my person. I failed miserably so instead of shelving a beautiful useful product I’m hoping someone here would like to put it to good use. I bought it a couple of weeks ago for $130 plus shipping. It’s in the beautiful Horween natural chromexcel leather.

I will sell it for $100 shipped CONUS.

Park Sloper2

Park Sloper1

Keegan with One Star Leather Goods designs and produces very high grade products. I’m just simply too old to change my old dog habits. Nothing wrong with the product at all.

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Pen Review – Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen

My tenure with Kaweco is not very long or storied. I am disappointed in that. I wish I would have found them sooner in my pen pursuits. My first experience with the brand was a purchase resulting in extensive pocket pen research. Lots of positive reviews for the Kaweco SPORT line and a small smooth bodied fountain pen was just the ticket for me. I bought a Classic Sport and still have it, though it shows much more pocket love patina on it than when I first got it. It has served me well by never leaking or never failing to write even after sitting out of rotation for weeks at a time.

I tried a couple more Kawecos including a pushbutton retractable model that I love for its size and quick tip deployment. I find it often in my immediate possession. Here is my small Sport collection.

4 Kawecos

In a recent conversation with the fine team at Kaweco I mentioned how much I enjoyed my Sport and they suggested I try the AC model. I jumped at the chance so below are my views of another great pen:

Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen



  • Stainless Steel Iridium Tip Medium Nib
  • Red with grey/black carbon fiber inserts
  • Street Price: $122.50
  • 4.25” capped
  • 4” uncapped
  • 5.2” Posted

Overall Appearance

The AC Sport is the top of the SPORT line for Kaweco. It joins the mechanically similar siblings of:

  • Classic Sport – Plastic resin body
  • ICE Sport – Same as Classic but with a see through body and cap
  • AL Sport – Aluminum body same as the AC except no carbon fiber inserts

The cosmetics that set the AC Sport apart from the rest of the family is the attractive high tech look of the black and grey carbon fiber of the pen body and similar inserts in the cap.

The AC variant also comes in a Champagne, Black and a Silver. My favorite by far is the striking red. The red finish that Kaweco chose compliments the high tech look very well by not being too fire engine red but not too toyish candle apple red. A very nice application of the hue and finish choice.

This is one of those pens that I really need to think about carrying EDC. As much as I love the size and carry ease in a front pocket I have that fear disease of scratching up a beautiful finish. My plastic based Kawecos in the same family have served me well in front jeans pockets with keys, flashlights, knives etc and their plastic patina shows it. No issue in my mind with a $30 investment but when I go north of $100 in value it’s a bit harder for me. It’s a beautiful pen so dumb on me I know, but it is how I’m wired. Since receiving the pen it has been on my desk and has seen plenty of use though I have not braved a pocket ride just yet. I did find it interesting that Kaweco recently addressed my illness by introducing the Stonewashed AL. It’s an AL with factory born pocket patina. What a great idea that will probably end up on my buy list.

Ergonomics / Writing

The Sport is a small pen. To me it’s tailored to EDC and pocket duty. By design you post the cap and that makes the pen a very respectable length that works well for all but the longest of writing sessions. I have larger hands so the length may be perfect for some regardless of time of use. The section is small but I don’t find myself wanting in that area as my fingers naturally rest the right distance from the nib. The octagonal shape of the cap is what fills most of your hand and it’s not obtrusive or uncomfortable at all. The aluminum and carbon fiber finishes are not slippery so the pen stays put as it should.

Ink to paper is smooth and enjoyable producing a wet average width medium line on a variety of papers. The nib starts every time and I would not call the experience oil on glass but I would not say it’s toothy either. I think the right amount of resistance without causing any unnecessary work to push the nib along.

Construction and Quality

The finish and build quality is outstanding. Same as what I have come to expect from Kaweco. The finish is flawless with no sharp edges or machining marks. Color goes deep in the cap and all the way through the threads.

Cap threads start easy and it threads on very smooth with a definitive stop when the cap is tight.

Brand lettering is crisp and sharp without screaming at you.

For the posting users there is a plastic insert inside the cap that will protect the carbon fiber body from scratches and scuffing. Nice touch and although I’m not normally a poster I wouldn’t hesitate to post this cap if I was caught in a long writing exercise with the short unposted SPORT.

Small details like the Kaweco crown on the top of the cap and a small dimple on the other end of the pen are well executed and add character to an already extremely cool looking pen.



The cap covers over half the length of the capped pen so its attractiveness really must contribute to the overall look of the pen. It does not disappoint. It’s an 8 sided affair with every other flat face (4) being accented by a carbon fiber insert. Nice tapers move the octagonal shape back down to perfectly round at each end and they make that transition smoothly. The top is capped off with the familiar gloss black Kaweco medallion.


By default the Sport series does not come with a clip. That works for me as it’s a deep pocket pen for me. The caps are well designed with 8 flat sides that prevent rolling without negatively affecting the grip. On the AC version 4 of these sides have the attractive carbon fiber insert. Well executed.

There is a clip available for the Sport line. It’s functional and a simple add on.

Filling System

The Sport takes mini cartridges or a converter is available. I have a nice assortment of Kaweco ink colors in the mini cartridges. The ink flows well and the cartridges fit tight with no leaks.


There is a converter available for the Sport series. I did not try one for this test but it’s a simple squeeze convertor with a small ink capacity for obvious reasons. The converters I have used with my other Kaweco Sports have worked fine with no leaks.


Stainless steel and sized proportionately for the rest of the pen. Ornamentation is nice without being overdone.


Cost and Value

My short time with the Kaweco product line has always left me with the impression of high value for the money. There is an aesthetic decision with The AC Sport that the buyer will need to make. The writing experience, nib and filling are the same as lower cost siblings of the same pen. The buyer needs to determine if the aesthetics is worth the additional money. The cost to Kaweco to produce the pen is certainly more than their other models so it’s a good economical pricing model for Kaweco passed on to the consumer. It’s not some LE type pen with an inflated price for the allure of only collectability. You’re paying more money for more product.


I like this pen. It is expensive for my budget as a throw in the pocket EDC pen. That does not minimize my desire to own it. I’m looking for a short leather case now that would protect it more in my pocket while still allowing me to enjoy the pen on a daily basis. Again that is a weakness in my mind, nothing marked against the pen, I’m sure it’s a very durable finish.

Currently I find myself reaching for this pen a lot in a crowded desk of esteemed writing competitors.

Do you have experience with the Kaweco Sport line?

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1 Year, 100 and Post Cards

One year ago today I published my first blog post here at MyPenNeedsInk. I clicked the PUBLISH button and patiently stood by waiting for my first comment back. Before I knew it 10 minutes had gone by and nothing. I was crushed. By pure coincidence this is also my 100th post. I am humbled and so appreciative of all the visitors to my small space in the blogosphere. It’s been fun, rewarding and challenging to fight my writer’s block occasionally. THANK YOU for stopping by and allowing me to add to my knowledge base about pens, paper and all things writing.  I remain open to your ideas and suggestions and here’s to many more years

Now back to business

I like shopping with my lovely wife in the antique shops around the little downtown district of our city. Some would call it junking or treasure hunting but I just like spending time with her. I poke around for old ink bottles to display and old unused post cards. I like the idea of post cards. Clean short messages and no foul tasting glue to ruin my lunch.  When I meet someone for the first time or learn what hometown they are from I go to eBay and can usually find a vintage postcard from most any town in the US. I’m sure there are some not available but so far I have surprised a few friends.

The older stock all seem to hold fountain pen ink well with just some occasional feathering. I have never found modern touristy postcards that took fountain pen ink well. They all seem to be bright shiny slick paper.

I can usually find vintage cards for less than a dollar each and they may be presented as collectible but I have every plan of using them. Its amazing how some have lasted in a drawer somewhere for so long and still look as good as they do. I wish there was some universal dating system on the printing so I could see how old they really are. I have also purchased batches from eBay.  Here is a recent batch I’ve been picking from lately:



Humorous what was considered risqué years ago:


This is about as dirty as the jokes got:

Clean Humor

These give me an extra smile too when they say 1 cent postage.

one cent

If you would like to get a piece of Florida americana drop an email to with your address and I’m always up for sending out cool post cards.

Do you do any post card sending?

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Postage Stamps Are Cool

I like stamps. Stamps are cool. One could argue that the Post Office, in it’s current financial state, is subsidized and we really pay more than 46 cents to mail a letter. I can’t disagree but I also can’t change the big picture. I can choose to spend 46 cents or not and by choosing to I enjoy the benefit of sending something to my neighbor next door or a pen pal 3,000 miles for less than half a dollar. Even better for just over a dollar I can send it anywhere in the world!

I recently submitted a guest post over to my friend Heath’s site He was kind enough to post my review here of one of my local post offices that I frequent.

I am trying to increase my support of the postal services by writing more letters and have expanded my list of recipients so my same family members don’t involuntarily join the letter of the week club. Writing more letters means more stamps needed and I recently went to my stamp drawer and found no more. I find it fun to go online at to shop for stamps. Today it seems like everything over the most basic functionality costs a little extra. Want a shot of caramel in your latte, that will be 50 cents extra. It’s refreshing to browse through all the stamp designs that cost the same as the generic looking businessy stamps. There are pages upon pages of different designs and most I have never seen before on a letter.

You can find a few hobby and special interest groups, Harry Potter, Go Green, and a few others but being the federal government they stay away from any themes of controversy. So don’t expect any pro choice pro life little square stickies on postcards and letters.
Below is my latest shipment that I really looked forward to receiving. For a very reasonable $1.30 in shipping they arrived at my door in 4 days.


  • Songbirds – I’m an avid bird feeder and was hoping I would recognize any of the these in my front yard. No luck 🙁
  • Kaleidoscope – I love the symmetrical shapes and bright colors.
  • American Modern Art – I’m not a seasoned art connoisseur so forgive my descriptor but these look really funky cool.
  • Heart Heath – Stranger graphic than I expected
  • Go Green – Who doesn’t support GREEN Right?

Two other series that I really liked but skipped on this round is Keep America Working and Muscle Cars. Those were staples for me for quite awhile so I thought I would venture out and give a few others series a try.
So do you find stamps cool or are you satisfied with the run of mill generics?

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