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I searched and searched and could not come up with a better way to end MPNI Write More Letters Month of September than with a giveaway! I have two different hardback books, both by Margaret Shepherd, related to letter writing that I hope some lucky reader will enjoy.

Margaret is passionate about handwriting notes and letters. So passionate that she wrote two books on the subject. They were enjoyable reads that gave me some good tips and ideas so I want to pass them on to my great readers to inspire others and maybe add something to your letter writing toolbox

Maragaret Shepherd Book GiveawayFor a chance to win just leave a comment below on whether you think the MPNI theme month was fun, it didn’t matter to you or it was the dumbest idea you’ve ever seen. I will close the comments on Friday 10/3 then pick two winners using For two winners the second surprise will be which book you get!

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Do You Appreciate your Letter Carrier?

openerWithout my letter carrier, this hobby of mine would be a lot less fun. My letter carrier has a hard job. I’m sure there is a lot of debate, most justified, about the payroll and benefits enjoyed by the common postal worker in contrast to the amount of money the Postal Service is bleeding off every month. That is a far bigger issue than I know how to tackle and besides this is a pen blog. What I do know is my letter carrier works hard, is a kind person and displays every perception that they care about their job and they care about getting my mail to its destination on time and undamaged. For $.46 I still think it’s a bargain even though I know as a taxpayer I’m paying more than that on the back end. Again a bigger issue than I can tackle.

In return I try to make their job as easy as I can even though I know I am one mailbox of hundreds on their route each day. Plus if I catch them when I’m home there is always a free cold bottled water waiting for them. Some of the things I do to try and help:

  • I lean my letters against the wall of the mailbox to make them easier to grab
  • My trash cans are far away from the mailbox on pickup day
  • My trees are trimmed of any low hanging limbs
  • I don’t park any of my cars and I ask my visitors to not park in the street near a mailbox
  • My mailbox flag, door hinge and door catch all work smoothly and easily

These easy steps are just my way of saying thanks and being considerate to the work of another human being. Another level of good service my letter carrier provides is handling all the many packages I get in the mail. They could easily put the little pink slip in my mailbox when the package doesn’t fit and then I have to go to the post office to pick up my pen and ink orders. Instead my letter carrier gets out of their vehicle and walks it up to my front porch.  Saving me ALOT of time.

How well do you know your letter carrier?

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Stationery Choices for Your Letter Writing

openerI hope you’re enjoying MPNI Write More Letters Month of September. We’re half way through and I’ve had fun trying to write a letter every day, planning my themed blog posts and getting ready for a motorcycle tour vacation to Vermont.

The past couple of weeks I have pulled out all my stationery and refilled my various holders and boxes I try to keep around every place I sit. It helps me act quickly when an idea comes to mind to spread some written cheer. Most of my stationery is of the blank variety with maybe some occasional preprinted THANK YOU note cards thrown in. Many people prefer the major brands of printed greeting cards and it’s wonderful that one would take the time to go to the store, pick out the perfect printed greeting card and share it with a fellow human being. The paper medium is secondary to the sentiments themselves, even if written on a napkin. I just happen to prefer blank stationery that is fountain pen friendly. I doubt many recipients give it a second thought.

Maybe you have your favorite paper stocked up but if not I’ll share with you what I use in case you want to give blank stationery a try or you want some variety in what you already own.


Probably where I own the most stock is the Crane products. They have a great variety of 96lb note cards and letter sheet sets. I like to get several colors so I can match ink color with my stationery. Some of the Crane products come with a border and a matching envelope interior liner. I think this is a nice combination and adds a bit of security to your words when placed in a lined envelope.

All of Crane’s products take fountain pen ink very well but they are a bit pricy when you include shipping. I have found some good deals on eBay when I’m not too picky on the designs I’m looking for. Crane also has a sale page that I check occasionally.


Great 96lb note cards that are similar to Crane but a bit less expensive. I really like the  distinctly colored envelopes they come with. Another good fountain pen partner. Design choices are not quite as broad as you’ll see at Crane. I will be ordering more of these when I run low.

Embossed Graphics

I received a set of Embossed Graphics Stationery as a gift with my initials and address embossed. I loved the look but I was suspect of the fountain pen friendliness. I was pleasantly surprised that it’s a joy to write on even with wet nibs. They look a lot more expensive than they really are.

Pilot Letter Pad

When you need a bit more room than a flat note card this paper is a dream. Right on the front cover is printed Super Quality Paper For Fountain Pens. No Hyperbole there, it’s a joy to write on. Cost per sheet might be a little cost prohibitive if you write a lot of long letters but well worth the price of admission to have a pad on hand for short missives. Matching envelopes are available and are similar quality.

Triomphe Pad

Another favorite of mine that uses Clairfontaine paper stock. I would put this one a tiny fraction below the Pilot Letter pad but more economically priced. A big advantage to the Triomphe pads is they come in A4 (8 x 11) size and the smaller note size. I use them often at work for lists and scratching out project plan drafts as well as letters. Fantastic interaction with the fountain pen.

These are just a few ideas. Please don’t feel like fancy expensive paper is what letter writing is all about. I enjoy the paper and I find it makes the whole experience more enjoyable for me. The recipient could probably not care less. If you don’t have any on hand don’t wait, take a piece of copy paper from your printer and just write someone today!

I would love to hear what’s in your write on inventory that I may not have enjoyed yet.

Remember: Write something nice……

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I Challenge You To Write More Letters!

openerI have been trying to write more often by looking for excuses or unsuspecting victims of my written musings. On a blog post I ran across the More Love Letters project and I was quite intrigued. I have tried pen pals but I quickly get through the generic pleasantries and too quickly I become uncomfortable sharing personal details with what are essentially total strangers. Exchanging more than a letter or two with a conventional pen pal makes me feel guilty that my current priorities do not allow me sufficient time to grow my friend base and treat pen pals like true friends.

More Love Letters allows one to spread kindness via ink and paper without the complexities of building a relationship. They take requests from anyone to send a handwritten note of encouragement, sympathy or other sentiments to a loved one, friend or acquaintance that may be experiencing some life challenges. The idea is a handwritten sentiment would be a positive lift to their day. For no other reason than just to do something nice and spread some kind words and thoughts.

They have it well organized where someone on the More Love Letters team reviews the letter before it goes to the actual recipient so there is no exchange of inappropriate information. I think they deliver the letters in bulk so what a cool day that would be for the intended recipient.

I signed up immediately and sent some encouragement to Scott who was having some challenges finding employment. I tell you it felt good! Give it a try, you can send 10 letters a day, 1 a day or 1 a month. There’s no limit or strict structure.

They also have an interesting related project that encourages participants to leave random notes of kindness lying around in your community. I’ll let you explore that one on your own at their website.

Any random acts of letter writing you’ve tried?

Remember: Write something nice……

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Write More Letters in September

openerI have never posted around a theme for a whole month so I’m going to try for September to be MPNI Write More Letters Month. I have planned a series of posts that will hopefully help you, my kind readers, build ideas for more letters and cards to share some love and kind thoughts.

My first post in the series today is to share with you a list of recipients from my personal efforts. I don’t have a huge extended family so all of them probably get more stamped envelopes from me than they want but they do tell me they enjoy them so I will continue. Other recipients of my inkings in the form of crudely formatted sentences are listed below. Most of these probably come right to your mind but maybe one will give you an idea. In the past couple of months I wrote a letter to:

I did like this article from the popular blog I read, Art of Manliness.  It talks about the 7 types of letters you should write before you turned 70. I hit them all before 50 and again most are pretty easy for pen and paper people but maybe one of them will be a new candidate for your kindness.

I hope something from the above gave you an idea for a new card, letter or note this week. I would love to hear from you on opportunities I am missing.

Remember: Write something nice……

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