Big Idea Design Titanium Ballpoint & Stylus Review

I have 4 of Big Idea Design’s pens now and rarely do I commit this much space to one brand but Chadwick and team’s stuff is that good. I have the Ti Post Raw , the pocket rocket XTS Raw Titanium , a black Ti Click RT and now the Titanium Ballpoint and Stylus. I offer you my review of this latest entry.

The Pen:

opener horizontalBig Idea Design Titanium Ballpoint Pen + Stylus

    • 4 5/8” capped
    • 4 ¼” uncapped
    • 6” Posted
    • 36.2 Grams
    • Finish – Raw Machined Titanium (also available in black)
    • Price: $75.00
    • Included:
    •     Stylus Tip For Touchscreen Devices
    •     Flat Coin – Screw Back Plug
    •     Fisher Space Pen Refill 0.7mm Black
    •     Protective Micro-Fiber Black Felt Sleeve
    •     $5 off coupon for your next order

Packaging ContentsPackaging

All of the Big Idea Design products have come in a nice printed watch/bracelet type box. The pen is snug in a dense foam insert with finger notches to help remove the pen and a cut out for the stylus cap. On top is a small and tastefully printed coupon for 5% off your next order and a black felt pen sleeve.

The whole packaging experience is well executed and the best I have seen from a small production type pen maker.

Packaging Front of BoxPackaging Back of BoxOverall Appearance

The Ti Ballpoint comes in black or a raw machined titanium finish. The latter being my choice. It’s an attractive industrial high tech look. I liked the muted matte finish over a real shiny polished finish that typically has me paranoid about scratches and scuffs. My Ti Ballpoint has traveled well for the past several weeks sharing pocket time with pocket knives, Atwoods and various other mission critical daily tools.



The Ti Ballpoint comes in a bit short when un-posted but with mating threads on the tail end of the pen the threaded cap makes the pen a perfect length for extended writing sessions when posted. The added benefit of the threaded posting is there is no chance for scratching the body of the pen with the cap and there is no cap wiggle so it feels like a one piece pen. Well done.

Three small rings near the tip give a good catch for your grip and the raw finish is not slippery like a more polished surface could produce.

Construction and Quality

Titanium is a niche material for writing instruments with a main property being coolness. Nobody will ever describe my personal main property as coolness so a cool pen always boosts my spirits. Titanium is lighter than steel, non-corrosive and much stronger than conventional steels used in consumer goods. About 60 percent heavier and 3 times stronger than aluminum – titanium wins out there as well. I’m pretty sure you could roll over this pen with your daily driver and not damage it. Big Idea Design has figured out how to make titanium affordable, nearly indestructible and quite attractive through numerous design and engineering touches.

The Pen is promoted as a Pen + Stylus. I don’t use a stylus but the Ti Ballpoint has me covered with a nice metal coin that screws into the end of the pen. This flat cap covers the hole giving the pen a finished look, not just like something has been removed and is missing. If you’re a stylus user the coin comes out and the stylus head screws in, again finished and complete. The cap works perfectly in either configuration.

Tail ThreadsStylus PointCap

The cap is the same diameter as the body of the pen and it matches up perfectly whether posted or closed. The threads are cut well requiring only 1.5 turns to cap or uncap the pen. The threads start easy every time on either end of the pen body.


The clip is thick and designed to hold up as well as the rest of the pen. Big Idea Design got the curve right so you don’t fight with the thickness while clipping and removing the pen. A tasteful Ti is printed in a small box on the top of the clip. No other markings or logos are on the pen.

opener 3Refill

The main difference between the Ti Ballpoint and the Ti Raw Post is the Parker style refill instead of the G2 style in the POST. I like both but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Visconti Parker style refills. The Ti Ballpoint comes with a very good Fisher pressurized refill. I understand the value of pressurized ink and the advantages it has on many writing surfaces but I just don’t use a pen much outside normal paper in a desk environment and for that I prefer other Parker style refills over the Fisher. SO that’s the joy of the Big Idea Design philosophy. So many different refills are compatible there is sure to be one you like.

breakdownCost and Value

At $75 this is not an inexpensive pen. Titanium is the material of higher line goods and the cost of material is a major influence on a product’s final cost. Big Idea Design executes with material, aesthetics and engineering flawlessly with the Ti Ballpoint. The pen will last me forever, the refills are easy to get and write well. The pen begs to be posted and morphs into a very comfortable pen while still being pocketable for pants or bags. You get what you pay for and in my opinion the Ti Ballpoint deserves high praise, a slot in your rotation and a $75 admission price.


Big Idea Design continues to impress me with utilitarian good looks and toughness for a reliable everyday carry pen. An added bonus is I can choose my refill to control that part of the writing experience. Thanks Chadwick and team! I look forward to your next project.

Have you tried any of the Big Idea Design products?

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