My new Edison Collier from Indy-Pen-Dance

Edison CollierI’ve been moaning and complaining lately about my experiences with the nib performance on brand new pens. Admittedly I do not buy a lot of pens but I don’t think my standards are all that unusually high either. I believe the answer for me is to channel my purchases to companies that are taking the time to ink up and test write with the pen they are shipping me. I realize I will pay for this service and I’m not knocking any company that doesn’t do this level of testing. A reasonable increased cost for this small bit of insurance is worth it to me personally. YMMV.

I have really been jonesing lately for another Edison Pens fountain pen. I have a 76 in Medium and a Huron XXF that are outstanding writers out of the box. Going to Edison’s site I saw that Indy-Pen-Dance was now a dealer for Edison’s production line. I recognized Indy-Pen-Dance from a study I did a while back on Gate City pens and learned Richard Binder is out of the retail pen business. He was one of my nibmeisters  of choice for buying new pens. I didn’t pull the trigger on a Gate City but decided to give Indy-Pen-Dance a try for my next Edison. I chose the Edison Collier which is just on the larger size of Edison’s production line. I drifted away from my usual dark colored pens and had already decided on a broad nib. Broad has been a trend with me lately and has really burned up some ink!. I decided on the Silver Marble and couldn’t be happier.New ImageThe Indy-Pen-Dance website was easy enough to navigate and give them my money and in a couple of days (I ordered on a weekend) I got a ship notice for a USPS Priority Mail shipment. $8.00 shipping I thought was reasonable for packaging and 2 day service.

Right on time I watched for the beautiful OUT FOR DELIVERY message on The pen arrived packaged in the usual nice pen box that Brian Gray of Edison packages with all his pens. A nice label on the outside shows the model name in case you’re a box keeper. Indy-Pen-Dance wrapped the Edison box nicely with bubble wrap, nice service.

Upon opening the pen I was very pleased with my choice to go light color for a change. Attached to the clip was a small write up from Mike and Linda explaining that my pen was inked, not just dipped, written with, adjusted as needed then flushed and repackaged. Upon inspecting the pen I saw some water droplets in the converter which made me feel good and assured me that happened.

Inking up the pen and putting it to paper for the first time was pen nirvana, ok so maybe some hyperbole there, but after my last big pen purchase disappointment it was a joy to experience a super smooth nib with perfect flow and no skips immediately. I knew Edison’s were great writers so starting out with Brian’s craftsmanship and then Indy-Pen-Dance double checking it made my experience that much better.

Thank you Mike and Linda for the great service and that extra care in every pen you sell!

Dear readers: This is my third Edison pen and my first pen from Indy-Pen-Dance. I am not finished with either of these great companies.

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7 thoughts on “My new Edison Collier from Indy-Pen-Dance

  1. Hi Bob, thanks for the good word about your experience with your new purchase. So glad to know excellent craftsmanship is alive and well. Annie

  2. Bob,
    Another good article which I enjoyed reading. Like your other posts it is good to see how a client experiences a purchase or service. However, at the end you said “I don’t know what extra this cost but I’m perfectly ok with it when it brings the experience I had” and that statement is a bit unsettling to me. I would like to understand what might have given you the impression that there was an added cost for this service, so we can correct our website.

    Edison Pen minimum sales prices are regulated by Edison and our prices reflect that. This is a great practice and one for which I commend Edison Pens; the pen is priced reasonably, the policy prevents dealers from under pricing the pens in an attempt to increase sales, and thus prevents devaluing the product overall.

    In the description of every pen we sell is the following statement:
    Because we want you to have the best experience possible when you purchase a fountain pen from us, we tune each nib at no extra charge unless otherwise requested. Nibs are installed in a pen body, filled with Waterman Mysterious Blue ink, tested on better than average quality paper, then adjusted for alignment, ink flow, and smoothed to bring it to the standard that you should come to expect when buying a fountain pen or nib from Indy-Pen-Dance.

    We do offer cost added services such as a variety of nib grinds which can be purchased when buying a new pen, but that is much different than making sure the nib is aligned and smooth. Any vendor can toss a purchase into a box, slap a label on it, and ship it within 24 hours. If the pen writes great out of the box, then you as a client are much more pleased with your purchase. This is what sets us apart from the numerous vendors who can sell you the same pen for the same price. It may take us an extra day or two to ship your purchase depending on how busy we are but you should be at ease knowing that when your pen does arrive, it will write correctly and smoothly.

    • Mike, Thanks for stopping by and for your input. I do hope we did not get off on the wrong foot. I’m going to respond here publicly so everyone can read our exchange and hopefully better understand my comments. I have made a go as a small business owner and I didn’t have what it took so I hope I can portray the high level of respect and admiration I have for what you are doing. My comments were intended as complimentary but sounds like I may have missed the mark. With all businesses time is money and must be figured in to to the markup you put into your sales price. If you calculate your time in a conventional manner I assume you could sell the pen for less money if you chose not to take the time to test every nib you sell. I also assumed I could buy the pen for less money from another outlet that did not perform the service that you provide with each pen. On my second assumption I was wrong, and I apologize for that lack of research. After receiving your comments I checked a few of the other Edison dealers they were selling the pen for the same price you were. I was wrong. It makes the value of buying from Indy-Pen-Dance that much smarter of a decision. I thank you for that and I assure you more of my money will come your way.

      • Bob,
        Not off on the wrong foot at all. You made a perfectly understandable assumption. I guess when we figure in our time, you could say that we choose to make less profit. We make up for it with notes like we got from you letting us know you were pleased with your purchase. We get more repeat business and in the long run it will all pan out. Sometimes it is not all about money, but about the experience. We just wanted to make sure that clients understand that they are in no way paying extra for our service or tuning a smoothing a pen purchased from us.

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