New Write More Letters Page here on MPNI

Mailbox300x225I’m asked occasionally about my letter writing routines, suggestions and experiences. To try and put everything in one place I created a new page here at MPNI called WRITE LETTERS!. Here is the link and you can find it in the menu across the top of any page. I invite any suggestions you may have and as always thanks for stopping by and contributing to the great pen community.

Remember…..Write Something Nice……

3 thoughts on “New Write More Letters Page here on MPNI

  1. i have enjoyed so many of your posts about writing letters and cards that I am thrilled they are now listed in one place. Can’t wait to scroll back through and re-read some of them.

    • Thanks Lynn for the kind words. It was one of my easier posts to put together and was really prompted by others asking me “remember that post you did on…..” type questions. I’m thinking about another top 5 list but life seems to get in the way sometimes. Take care.

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