Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen Review

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IMG_1504I’m not a big advocate for goods manufactured in any one particular country. I’m a big fan of quality and I know there are highly talented people in most countries of the world that can make a high quality pen if given the resources and direction to do so. Now I’m all for supporting the workforce in one’s own country but that’s a topic way out of scope here, and yes I go out of my way to search for USA made goods but that’s not because I believe same goods from other countries are any less quality. The fact is some countries of origin get a bad rap for cheap pens when in fact, relatively speaking, they are quite good for the price charged. The most inexpensive fountain pen I have ever used is the Pilot Varsity at around $4. It’s a big box store disposable pen but that’s fine, every one I’ve picked up is a competent writer that starts every time and produces no skips. Aesthetically it screams cheap disposable pen but that’s ok, a reliable fountain pen for $4 ? I’m still impressed with the value.

On a recent keyboard shopping excursion to my loved Jet Pens I needed a few more dollars to reach the magical free shipping minimum order level. One of the side bar advertisements was promoting the Jinhao line and specifically the X750 that would put my cart over the top to ride free on the USPS railroad.

I have read about some inconsistent quality control on the Jinhao line but I decided to take a chance and worse case I could break out all that nib tuning and smoothing supplies I have bought over time and been scared to destroy any nibs. I’m sure at this price point it’s nearly impossible to guarantee the highest level of consistency and quality control but I have penned here many times about expensive pens I’ve received with lousy nibs. I got exactly what Jinhao strives to put out and I applaud them. I’m very pleased that I’ve done nothing to the nib but write with it and thus far I have enjoyed the value.

The X750 came to me in gold, I’m not sure how I picked that color as it’s not a norm for me. It’s plastic with a little bit of metalflake in the paint. Not a real blingy gold but just kind of gold. Not unpleasant but not a color I would usually pick. The chrome furniture and accents are pleasing to the aesthetics of the pen. Honestly it doesn’t look or feel like an expensive pen but it’s no Varsity either. In a meeting with non-pen people I’m sure you’ll get more credit than 8 bucks.

IMG_1506The cap is of the snap on type and it functions well. I’m not a poster but the cap seems to sit on the other end of the pen quite well. Clip is nothing special just does its job with no complaining. Fit and finish are both good and I found nothing specifically wrong with the pen or anything I would do different. Especially considering its target price point. The X750 comes with a converter which is a real bargain at this price. It works well and pleasantly does not have that annoying rattle while it sits in the pen like I have experienced with other , much more expensive pens.

IMG_1509The nib looks like a standard #5 medium, it appears to have some hyperbole marketing etched on it calling out some 18Kgp, but I’m suspect of the gold content. Right out of the box the ink flowed to the nib quickly, I got a smooth writing experience with no skipping or hard starts. Impressive. The Private Reserve Orange Crush ink creep is courtesy of the author.

IMG_1507At this price point you don’t get any packaging which is fine with me. I’ve seen listings on ebay for as low as $2.99 including shipping for standard black if your patience will allow you to wait for an overseas delivery. At less than $5 shipped you get a whole host of color choices. THAT would uproot my Varsity as my favorite budget throwaway in a much nicer appearing package.

I may read up on how the different Jinhao models differ and maybe even pick up a few of the X750s and hold them for giveaways to those I encounter that express an interest in fountain pens. I don’t know if there is a lot of Jinhao in my daily rotation but I am super happy with this purchase.

You have any Jinhao experience?

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15 thoughts on “Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen Review

  1. I have some aerometric Hero 616 Jumbos that are excellent, but I’ve had no luck at all with any other Chinese pens, and the frustration has led to me not buying any more!

    I had two Jinhao X750s that would only write if the feed was manually primed (open the pen, squeeze cartridge or advance converter, close pen, write until that squeeze of ink was exhausted, repeat). I also had three Baoers – one would not write at all, and two had the issue that the Jinhaos did. Cleaning the pens, amending the ink channel (a tip gleaned from FPN) all failed to resolve the problem, and I gave up on them entirely.

    It seems, given how much people like these pens, that I’m just unlucky, but if I were to buy another, I’d do it from a retailer with a good returns policy! (Mine were all eBay purchases, and would have had to back to China).

    • Thanks John for coming by. I have not tried any of the other popular chinese brands but glad you at least got a couple of good performers in there. Your experiences ring familiar with others I have read and it’s the reason I haven’t tried one until now. This was only on a fluke to reach a min order requirement. I can’t say I’m itching to try more as the let down if I get a bad is just not worth the gamble for me. Some people like the lottery and many have the skill, such as yourself, to do the minor tuning that some may need. Just not for me. Take care

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  3. Oh I loved this write up. My Jinhao 159 has seen a lot of use lately and it’s a great pen for such a cheap price. My x450 had serious flow issues but after a thorough flush out worked great too (a common problem I’ve read). I now have an x750 I loaded today.

    How do you find the weight of it?

    • Thanks Jonathan for stopping by. Yes my X750 has been inked up with Diamine Pumpkin, my new favorite orange, for a couple of weeks now. I like the weight to it. I have slightly larger than normal hands so I prefer larger pens. Large usually means heavier so I’ve gotten comfortable with heavier pens. The Jinhao size wise is about average and the weight I have gotten used to. The other thing is the weight kind of defies it’s price point but of course that’s all in my head. Maybe I need to try the X450. Take Care

  4. I have quite a few Jinhao pens but I am not satisfied with its performance..whether it is ink flow or nib, it is not satisfactory at all. It looks gaudy but poor results.

    • Rohit
      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry you didn’t hit the nib lottery on your Jinhaos. I have read in several places that the quality is spotty. I think I’m going to try an X450 and try not to get my hopes up. Hope your future attempts are more successful

  5. I got a Jinhao X750 with the intention of putting a Niko G nib in to it. The pen is the lava red version and looks really good. It’s made from metal, feels good in the hand and comes with a decent converter. Overall I really like it and for the price can’t fault it.
    I can’t comment on the standard nib other than it’s a medium and very smooth but I quickly replaced it with the Niko G dip nib. There are some good instructions on how to do this on youtube.
    Using Diamine ancient copper ink and Clairefontaine paper I was amazed how well the feed keeps up with even extreme flex. At £3.49 for the pen and £3.99 for the longer lasting titanium version of the G nib it gives impressive and reliable flex (ultra fine to ultra broad) with no skipping or blotting. If your into calligraphy I can highly recommend the combination.

    • Thanks Will for stopping by. I can’t say another Jinhao is high on my list to buy next but I was very impressed for the price I paid for mine. I hear their quality is a gamble but maybe at the price that’s not a big deal for some.

      • Hi Bob,
        I think your review of the X750 is spot on, these pens offer an inexpensive entry into the world of fountain pens with a look and feel that belies their cost. I’ve had various cheap pens over the years and think that the quality of the paper I was using has often been the biggest factor in determining how well they perform.

        • We agree there as well Will. Paper quality is huge. It makes any pen and writing experience just better all the way around. My favorite is a ream of HP Premium Choice Laser 32lb. By copy paper standards it’s expensive per sheet but 500 sheets lasts me 6+ months.

  6. Hi Bob,
    Trust me if you think copier paper is good try Clairefntaine triomphe it really shows you what your pen can do. I’ve tried various copier papers, some are better than others but none are as good as triomphe. I don’t know what the cost is in the states but in the UK I bought 150 A4 pages for less than £10 recently and discovered that thin lines become hairlines and bold sweeps of ink don’t bleed through to the other side meaning you can use both sides with impunity.

  7. I purchased a Jinhao x750 (actually a few!) to mod to hold a G-nib after playing with a friend’s G-nib modded Jinhao. The pen itself, with its new nib, has been fairly decent, and I’ve been impressed with the quality given it’s a $5 (ish) pen I’ve ordered from Amazon. I was impressed that every Jinhao I’ve ordered has come with a converter (pretty handy, I can’t always say that for more expensive pens), and while the nib needs some priming to write, I can’t blame Jinhao for that.

    Thank you so much for the review!

    • Thanks Becca for stopping by for a read. The design doesn’t really speak to me but for the money I had to give one a try and as I reviewed I was impressed. I would like to know more about your experience with a G-Nib. That is a new term to me. Thanks!

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