The Right Pen For The Job

I think it’s normal for pen people to burn mind calories and energy picking our preferred writing instruments based on the task in front of us. Maybe a house purchase, a marriage license or some other big event garners special attention to the choice of writing instrument. For me it’s more mundane tasks such as an extended note taking session at work, my pocket EDC for the day, church on Sunday or a variety of other tasks. It’s a joy to go through my collection and maybe stumble across a pen I have not used in a while. Many times this is not a fountain pen as it’s just not practical. Recently I caught myself doing this almost unconsciously.

I am fighting some finger joint pain and that’s required a few more visits with the medical professions that I’m used to. With the turn of the new year many of said professions need new paperwork for 2017 or I’m seeing a specialist for the first time and the new patient clipboard is daunting. This week I had another one of these new patient appointments and there I was the night before going through my roller ball and gel pens.  I was probably spending a bit too much time evaluating what is going to be the best pen for the job. I mean anything had to be better than the $10 per thousand globby stick pen with the name of some drug I can’t pronounce printed on it right?.

Here were my choices and where I landed:

  • Pentel Slicci .25 – Form factor is a bit skinny to hold, further complicated by my aggravating joint. A fine enough line but a bit nail like scratchy. Pass
  • UniBall Jetstream – Not sure which tip I had but it was too bold. Pass
  • Sharpie Pen – Smooth and probably fine enough but maybe a bit wet if the forms are two sided on cheap paper. I just can’t have bleed through. The horror. Pass
  • Sakura Pigma Micron – Probably the best choice, wrote small enough, smooth and not very wet but I didn’t have a black ink version. Pass
  • UniBall Signo .5 – Smooth, always a favorite and just a quick decision on the .38 or .5. I landed on a black version of the one in the picture. Oh yes and I took a blue along as a backup. Success!

Everybody does this right?   Please say yes you have a medical forma pen.

Remember: Write something nice……

8 thoughts on “The Right Pen For The Job

  1. I couldn’t help laughing and smiling as I read the blog regarding choosing the correct pen for the job. I read it to my husband since he thinks I am a bit too finicky at times regarding pen deliberations. Thanks.

    • Thanks Kristi for stopping by and checking in! Yes it is funny sometimes but I enjoy it and grand total I probably wasted 10 minutes of my day picking one and it put a smile on my face so maybe the 10 minute investment was worth it. Take care

  2. I am known to be a “pen snob” at places where form filling is required. Once I left a receptionist dumbfounded because I did not take her daisy pen (a BIC ballpoint with an artificial daisy affixed on the top, probably to prevent people from walking away with pens); instead, I reached for a Hi-Tec-C in my messenger bag. Choosing the right pen for the job is time well-spent. Would rather undergo deliberation than be sorry later!

  3. I think I’m a pen snob, as I bring my own pens to appointments for form filling and such. I had to help someone fill in a large (fifty sides!) government form recently, printed on the most horrible grey raspy paper, and I’m pretty sure it wore my Sharpie pen nib to a nub (Cult Pens where I bought it were sufficiently convinced to send me a refill, which was nice). My current weapon of choice for these things is the Schneider Hybrid N – not the finest nib, but really smooth and ISO certified for fastness on forms and documents.

    • Oh my, I don’t think I would have the patience for 50 sides! Any time I can I go online to get these packets in advance I can print them on my own paper and enjoy using my better pens to fill out forms. Yea, that could sound sad. lol.

  4. The last time I filled in a medical form I used a Sharpie pen (the one with the rubbery grip). Worked out okay when I filled in both sides of the sheet.

    The fact that I remember what pen I used says you’re not alone 🙂

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