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Welcome to my blog MyPenNeedsInk. I focus on stories and reviews related to Pens, inks, paper, and the life experiences one encounters as a writing instrument enthusiast. My mission is to learn, share what I’ve learned and positively contribute to the pen enthusiast community.

My goal is to create insightful, helpful and thought provoking content that will help you, my reader and fellow pen enthusiast, to get more out of this hobby we enjoy.

I typically post twice a week. Once is a quick burst of wit or wisdom that hopefully gives you a smile or a mild chuckle. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe by RSS or Email.


I am always open for collaboration and cross marketing opportunities. I like all things writing related, pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, cases, etc. If you have an idea or have a product you would like reviewed please contact me  and we can discuss the details.

About Me:

I’m a late baby boomer happily married with 6 children and still employed in corporate America as I live out the mundane challenges a middle aged father faces in Central FL USA. My other interests include old cars, motorcycles, pocket knives, watches, flashlights and almost any pocketable gadget.

My contact information:

You can contact me via email or follow me on Instagram

My Mailing address is:

PO Box 692   –   Valrico, FL 33595 USA

(Please do not mail any product to this address)

My history with Pens

I don’t know exactly when it started. I was the kid in school that could barely zip his pen case shut due to all the writing sticks present. I had pencils and pens specific for each subject, one I wrote my name with, one or two I did my homework with that never seemed to run out of ink and none could overlap duties. This continued through most of my school years taking a back seat as I entered high school and discovered cars. Even in high school I always seemed to have an affinity to what I wrote with. My pencils always had fresh erasers and I was never seen with one of those 10 cent stick pens.

Moving on into adulthood I embarrassingly found myself wandering the writing instrument aisle at various stores. Many times looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching me pull into the office supply store just to see if they had something new that I didn’t have. Like it was some type of shady establishment.

Over the years I acquired more pens and became a writing instrument expert in my own mind. Always having something different at meetings and other places that required note taking. I moved into higher line rollerball pens and accumulated an impressive collection of those that pinnacled with a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck series. At the time that was an insane amount of money for putting ink down on paper.

My business travel and discretionary income began to grow and I found myself thinking of taking the next step. On a trip passing through the Dulles airport I found a pen store to which I decided to drop a substantial amount of money on my first fountain pen. I never understood the fountain pen mystic and felt I knew everything there was to know about the lowly ballpoint and rollerball varieties. The only premium brands I knew were Cross and Mont Blanc. MB was out of my price range so I settled on a Cross Century II in greyish silver. I didn’t even know what nib size was. I hesitated on the price but still bought it and was excited to give it a try and hopefully raise my pen competency level by going fountain. I knew nothing about converters so I stabbed a cartridge in it when I got home and was mortified with the first experience. It was scratchy like writing with a nail. I could not imagine why anyone would choose to write with something like this instead of my super smooth Waterman Carene rollerball which was my grail pen at the time.

I put it away and chalked it up to experience, not even cleaning it. I didn’t have a clue that was necessary care. Forward to 2011 while surfing the net I stumbled upon the Fountain Pen Network. My flashlight interest was on hiatus so I started reading about fountain pens and took the plunge on a very popular starter pen, the Lamy Safari. Pleasantly surprised it was ALOT smoother than my $100 Cross Century II but still not what I would call a joy to write with. The Lamy was a $30 starter pen so my hunt began for the next greater experience and since my introduction the Fountain Pen Network has continued to be a fountain of never ending knowledge. I have slowly upgraded and even sold some pens that just didn’t match up with the reviews I read or met my hopeful expectations. That’s ok though I have always enjoyed the hunting part of my hobbies. The other piece that has been a lot of fun with my pens is although you get some ridicule about being so fanatical about them they are toys you can literal use and enjoy everyday whether at work, home or traveling.

I have joined the blogoshere first by reading and contributing to some great pen blogs that really make the pen community GREAT! I thank each of them for their suggestions, link love and overall support of my adventure as a blogger.

Site Technical:

My blog is built on the WordPress platform that I self-host through hostmonster.com. I use the Twenty Eleven theme with few if any customizations. A host of Plugins are running on my installation including:

  • Akismet – Spam prevention by targeting known spammers
  • Captcha – Spam prevention for robot and automated posters
  • Cookies for Comments – Spam prevention through a cookie setting
  • Avatars – manage public and private avatars
  • Exclude Pages from Naviagtion – removes static pages from menu
  • Jet Pack – Lots of blog features
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar – Planning calendar for posts
  • WP Instagram Widget – shows my latest Instagram post
  • Yoast SEO for WordPress – helps me optimize for search engines
  • Footer and Header – lets me put in meta data and google analytics code at the top of every page

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